Evaporator Replacement

As A/C systems are made smaller and more efficient, so are their components.

One of the components that has undergone a major size reduction over the years is the evaporator, located under the dashboard. This component is much like a radiator in design and is responsible for removing the heat and moisture from the cabin.

Evaporators can leak due to internal and external corrosion, and in this event they must be replaced. This type of repair can take anywhere from an hour or two, right up to ten hours, depending on the type of car and whether or not the dash needs to be removed to access the evaporator.

We are well equipped and experienced at replacing evaporators, which is a common cause of A/C problems.

Did you know?

The role of the evaporator in your A/C system is to (as the name suggests) evaporate refrigerant liquid to a gas, and in doing so actually removes heat from the air which is what gives us that crisp cool air inside the cabin.

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